I moved here for a girl.

That’s probably answered your first question.

We met at a heavy metal festival in 2012. We started talking and went back to our respective countries. We kept talking and after a long time of talking decided that I’d move to Poland.

I started taking Polish lessons, learning about Polish culture and learning Polish history. I’m an unabashed geek and love history – Poland is full of it.

March 2016. I packed my life into 2 bags, we had a going away party (complete with fairy bread) and came here.

Upon arriving here, I was lucky enough to have an offer of work. Leah, who I had found from her blog polonization.pl, offered me a job teaching English via Skype. Most importantly, her offer of work meant I could apply for a karta pobytu – or temporary residence permit.

I taught on Skype for a while and enjoyed it. I soon found more part-time work as a writer/social media marketer for a small Polish startup, Shoplo. It didn’t take long for Shoplo to offer me full-time work. As a foreigner, full-time work is a blessing, an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

Working at Shoplo didn’t last, nor did the relationship with the girl I moved here for. I’ve since moved on (to another job) and am growing in just about every way that I possibly can.

I’m still Australian, I always will be. But I’m now an Australian living in Poland. I have a sense of purpose here, I can change the world and do more things here in Poland that I could in Australia.

How often do you see someone looking for a native English speaker in Melbourne?

I’m now working at a Polish company by the name of Packhelp. Long story short, custom packaging that you design yourself. I’m head of SEO, part of the marketing department.

packhelp uk

In the nearly 3 years I’ve been here, I’ve realized that I am an asset here. I’m valuable. I have a skill that is in high demand. Therefore, I have a sense of purpose. Something I didn’t have in Australia – to this degree, anyway.

So much so, that another Australian friend of mine has started our own copywriting company – Joseph & Conrad.

Furthermore, I’m also trying to start the first Australian Rules Football team in Poland. Click here to find out more about Futbol Australijski. I also help some other Aussie friends with their ventures, like Warsaw Pub Crawl and Krakow Pub Crawl.

I can confidently say that I’m enjoying every aspect of it.

This blog came to me as an idea one night. Lots of people were blown away that I’m an Australian living in Poland. ‘Australia, wow, why are you here?!’ and so the story starts again.

My plan for this blog is to use it to share the stories of other expats in Poland. Citizens of other countries who now call Poland home. I will also use it to share more of my personal story, aid other foreigners who want to move to Poland and generally educate readers about Polish culture.